Monday, September 22, 2008

The goats...

The top photos are of one goat that kept looking over the wall to see what our spinning guild was doing. He was so funny checking up on us and probably hoping to find food close enough to steal. The other goats we in various pens and were all friendly and sweet. I got nicknamed the "goat whisperer" because they all seemed to like me and would let me pet them.

More Fair photos

Of course I had to take photos of the cute little baby bunnies! They were so sweet. Then you have just 2 of the many sheep that were there. One member of the spinning guild brought 6 of her sheep to demonstrate sheep shearing. I didn't get any photos of the shearing or of the guild spinning.

Lots of Fair Critter photos

The beige chicken above had such fine feathers it looked like it had fur. From a distance it looked like a fuzzy chicken. LOL The next 2 chickens reminded me of the Muppet Beaker. I don't know how they can see with all those feathers in their eyes. The other 2 were just some neat colors blended on the feathers.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ribbons at the Fair!

Went to the fair this evening to see how I did and I won 2 ribbons. Took first place for my hat and second for my socks! Pretty good for my first showing at a fair.

Lots of livestock to see and I really enjoyed that. Loved all the sheep and goats. There were some really neat varieties of chickens I had never seen before. Should have taken photos but I didn't.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time for the Fair!

It's time for the County Fair and I'm entering a hat and a pair of socks for judging. This is my first time ever entering something in the fair and I hope it goes well. From what I saw of the winner for socks last year I think I have a good shot at winning. I don't really remember what they had for hats, so I'm not sure there. Here are my entries, Autumn Atmosphere socks and the Shedir hat!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dish Rag Tag

Got my turn at the Dish Tag Rag Tag Team box!  Above are the goodies I received from Wendy in VA.  Thank you so much!!!  I forgot to get a photo of the cloth I made for Dawn in NH.  :o(  Oh well.  Anyway, Wendy sent some chocolates too, but I ate them before I took the phot.  LOL  She sent to dish cloth, of course, a dish "scrubby", some row counters, stitch markers and a pretty floral covered pen.

I do hope that Dawn will enjoy all I sent to her.  I should have taken a photo before I stuffed it all in the box but didn't.  Maybe she'll send me one to post here.  

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sundresses for Charity

I am a member of the Homefront Team on Etsy.  One of the members mentioned her church doing a project.  They are making sundresses for a mission trip coming up in October.  I told Terry Ann (top left of her blog) that I would be happy to make a few and send them out to add to the other.  I finally finished them and they are winging their way now to join the other dresses being made.  I do hope they will be useful and the girls who get them will like the dresses.