Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why does this always happen...

I know it is partially due to the fibromyalgia and all, but when ever I have a big push to finish something (in this case the winter guard uniforms) I end up getting sick! ugh It's like my body can no longer deal with stress and handle it as well as it used to.

I am well acquainted with stress. I'm a mom of 2 and spent over 24 years as a military wife. I used to handle stress like it was a mere ripple in the water, nothing to be concerned over. Now I just seem to either end up run down and sick or just kind of glaze over it and get by ignoring it.

So, here I am dealing with this crud that is going around and trying to get better. I am doing better than I was a few days ago. But I'm still at the stage where doing things just wears me out. I did 4 loads of laundry, ran the dish washer and wiped down the kitchen counters and I feel like I've run a marathon! What I wouldn't give to feel "normal" again. sigh

Here's hoping this week will be better and I will feel like spinning and knitting again.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Free at last!

This afternoon I finally finished all 12 Winterguard uniforms and the 12 belts that go along with the uniforms. Now, I can enjoy Valentine's Day tomorrow with my husband. :o) I plan to enjoy taking a break for a couple of days and then getting back to my normal routine. My poor spinning wheel probably feels neglected. I can't wait to get back to spinning some - especially the alpaca! mmmmmmmmmmm

Monday, February 9, 2009

Work in progress on the uniforms...

This is the uniform I am working on for the winter guard. You can see photos of the uniform on which they based this uniform here. I explain in that post what they wanted changed. Well, this is the result! I'm pleased with how they are turning out since I had to draft my own pattern form just pictures of the uniform. I got the basic pattern done and have to grade it for each girl and her measurements. So, it's slow going! I have 4 finished at the moment, one is 2/3 done and then I have 7 more to go. My goal is to have them finished and shipped off in time for them to wear them at their next competition.

Flags done!

I finished both sets of flags for the winter guard I'm working with. The first set was just plain purple organza so I did not take photos of any of them. :o) The second set I did take a photo. The design is by one of the staff members. The colors were supposed to be rose and dusty rose silk with gold lame`. The place they bought the material from did not have the rose silk, so she bought a brighter pink.