Monday, April 20, 2009

Alpaca fun!

This past weekend I went to an alpaca farm and spun alpaca fleece while they sheared the herd. It was soooooo much fun! Their alpacas are so sweet. They had some babies too. The one in the photo is only about 2 months old. They were all so fuzzy and fluffy, then when they got sheared they looked so fragile. They seem to love getting their necks scratched. LOL

The weather was gorgeous and sunny. We had fun with all the alpacas, grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and got lots of work done. I was invited to come back again in October to spin while they shear. I will definitely try to make it because it was so much fun!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Too much fun at Dayton

Dayton was an amazing few days. I got to be around "color/winter guard folks", see some shows, meet some new folks and even catch up with an old friend!

I got to Dayton on Thursday and spent time with my daughter and a few of her friends from Sacred Heart. I cannot remember the last time I was in a mall. LOL

Fri was spent mostly at UD Arena. I got there early to watch guards leading up to Sacred Heart. There were some awesome shows this year! Kudos to all the guards who competed.

With this being my daughter's last year it was quite emotional for me. When I looked to see Sacred Heart was in the tunnel waiting to set up for their show I started crying. This could be IT - it could have been her last show ever. The guard did great and she had a fantastic show personally. Once they had performed I left to go wait with her at the hotel to see if they made finals. They made finals!

Friday night the guard was back at the Arena to watch Scholastic A Finals and I went to watch as well. Saw some great shows again, and spent time with my daughter.

Saturday I was in a better frame of mind for the final show. We knew they were not in the hunt for a medal, so they were going out onto the floor to have a good time with the show. (Tina Turner by the way) I did good until about midway through the closing song. I started crying. :o( It was my baby's last time to compete and I will miss that terribly. They had a fantastic show again and in fact, they were the first guard of the day not to drop any piece of equipment. As soon as the show ended, my daughter was in tears on the floor, ran to one friend and they stood hugging and sobbing for a minute or two. Yeah, that really got me crying then.

After retreat and awards I followed back to my daughter's hotel and we had our congratulatory cigars. It's a tradition of sorts in our family. We smoked cigars after finals in '07 when my son aged out of DCI. I had tons of fun with my daughter and am so glad I was able to be there for her.

While in Dayton I ran into an old friend from high school!!! It was great to catch up with her and watch some shows together. I'm hoping to make this a yearly trip and will join her since she comes every year too. :o)

Unfortunately I didn't get enough sleep, and being around thousands of people from all over I ended up getting sick once I got home. I got home Sunday and by Tues I was running a high fever and trying to cough up a lung. Still feel like crap and am almost done with my antibiotics. At least I'm not running fevers anymore.

Hoping to feel normal soon since I get to go to an alpaca farm to spin while they shear their flock this Saturday. I hope to take lots of pictures and post some next week of all the fun.