Thursday, August 14, 2008

I had some fun dyeing yesterday. The first 2 skeins are for Pren for her Harry Potter sock swap. The first skein is "Draco" - Slytherin House colors of grey and green, black for the Dark Arts, and Gold/Yellow for Draco's hair. The second skein is just Slytherin House colors of grey and green. I put more green in than grey because I didn't want them to be too somber and grey.

The sock blank is for Gryffendor! Gryffendor House colors of red and yellow with Harry's scar painted in the middle in black. Came out better than I had thought actually.

The bottom skein is what I call "Happy Accident". I put the yarn into a plastic baggie and just dumped in grey and green I had left over form the Slytherin skeins. I think it's neat how in spots there is bright blue because there was not enough green in there to absorb.

The Happy Accident skein and the Gryffendor sock blank will be posted in my Etsy store soon!

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