Saturday, October 11, 2008

Color Guard again...

So I got a panicked phone call from our daughter the other week. The place she ordered the top for the one girl in her color guard called to say that since it was a special order it would not be delivered for 6 weeks. ugh They wait this long to get back to her on that?! Of course that meant mom had to come to the rescue.

The top needed to go along with the one I made for Allen. (see Poet's top) So I came up with this one. The red portion is made of the same red used in Allen's top. It is also cut from the pattern piece for the heart portion in the closer flags. I also used lace around the bottom of the top like that lace used on the opener flags. The red is sewn along the top and into the side seam, but the rounded side of it is loose for movement on the field.

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