Monday, January 26, 2009

Mandi's mittens!

First of all, I had a smudge on the lens of my camera and did not realize it when taking the photos. I need to remember to retake them and repost.

So it seems that all things Twilight are the rage - and most especially Bella's Mittens! Mandi has read all the books and since she's still stuck in the "cold, white north" of Maine I decided to make a pair for her.

The next pair I make I think I will use a bulkier yarn. I also hope the next yarn I use doesn't color my hands that way this did. I used a yarn from Knit Picks and love their yarns. But this one left my hands a blue-ish green when I worked with it.

I now have the mittens soaking in water to help exhaust the dye used for this yarn. I really don't think Mandi will want to walk around with blue/green hands the rest of the winter. :o)


Anonymous said...

these came out beautiful. Wierd how the dye got all over you while knitting them up though, never hat that happen with knit picks yarn.

Pren said...

omg. those are just soooooo pretty. lovely job!