Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So, I was approached about making color guard uniforms. They showed me some pictures and wanted a sample made. As rough as it is I think I managed to do a decent job for my first time sewing lycra!

And yes, when you look at the actual garment and my sample I manage to reverse the top piece. LOL That will be changed if I make them for the guard. I ended up cutting the top portion away from the middle 2 times in the midst of tweaking the fit. It was also made with the largest measurements given to me for the group. My dress form doesn't go that big so it's kind of big for the form.

They didn't want the "skirt" on the back of the outfit, but wanted more of a pallazo pant for the bottom. I left them unhemmed for them to take a look and let me know where they want the hem to fall.

I'll be starting their flags tomorrow. I have all the material for one set. For the second set I'm waiting on a second color of silk from them.

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