Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Need to get outta this funk...

We have something good on the horizon for us. My husband may have a new position which would make things much nicer for us when he retires for good, and that would also come sooner than anticipated when this goes though.

On the other hand we have friends all around us with bad things happening. Marriages in trouble, health problems, financial problems with the economy the way it is, and just general sadness. My heart breaks for those with problems and I really wish there was a way to make their problems disappear. But, there is no magic wand to wave and have everything fine and dandy.

That makes it a little difficult to enjoy what is happening for us right now. It's hard to be happy about our prospects when there is so much sadness around us. It has led to many sleepless nights for me. (which doesn't help my fibromyalgia)

I truly hope things start looking up for those around us so we may all rejoice!

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