Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter Wonderland...

I woke up this morning to a gorgeous sight - snow! For Southern MD this is a major snow storm and I am loving it. I have missed snow since moving away from Maine and I finally got a taste of it again.

The first photo is of our driveway - it's under there somewhere. :o) The other photo is of a man made creek and pond in our backyard. Everything just looked so pretty. I loved it when the sun came out and everything was all sparkly and glinting in the sun.

I watched the scene from my sliding glass doors all day and we continued to have flakes wafting gently towards the ground. I was in heaven all day watching it. I wish the photos would have come out when we hit sunset. It gave this beautiful pinkish hue to everything and just took my breath away.

I will miss the snow when it melts and is gone, but for now I am enjoying every minute of it!

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